Full Integration Now Possible With Zertz

Zertz, Communication may be complicated, unorganized, and confusing, but it is still the best way to operate as a team. That is why ZERTZ was created. Here individuals collaborate to accomplish tasks. There are no team size restrictions in Zertz. This new age communication allows any team to set up and change workflow anywhere, anytime. All of Zertz’s integrations operate together, allowing you to communicate, exchange files, manage projects, and achieve new levels of productivity!

It Has The Following Characteristics:

Channels of The Team

Channels are the conduits through which ideas are filtered, and plans are put into action. When you use Zertz, you have the ability to classify your audience and have different and numerous channels.

Meetings Via The Internet

Especially Zert energizes and motivates groups. They do it by providing free-flowing innovation and different energy. That’s how a meeting should work. Zertz makes online meetings more personable, productive, and enjoyable. Transform inactive attendees into active, interested participants, and rekindle the excitement of virtual collaboration.

Case Studies

  • Live cursor tracking onto an infinite canvas allows you to interact remotely.
  • Using built-in video conferencing capabilities, you may openly discuss ideas.
  • Voting, Sticky notes, and emoticons keep things lighthearted and human.

Collaboration on Documents

According to studies, a working professional invests 7% of his time. He is looking for and compiling data on average. Moreover, nearly 39% of experts find it inconvenient to exchange papers with coworkers. About 49 percent of professionals find tracking papers tough, 43 percent find sharing files and documents challenging, and 33 percent of professionals become stuck sorting through numerous versions of the document.

Feeds And Posts

Isn’t it the first thing we do when we get up in the morning? Checking our social media accounts’ news feeds. Why not keep up with professional developments? The Zertz News Feed is indeed a customized guide. It keeps you up to date on what’s going on in your company. Allowing you to remain in the loop and also have access to the most up-to-date information on every significant change affecting the business, as well as staying in sync to minimize the risk of missing an actual event or update.

White Boarding

Moreover Zertz is a quick, free, and easy-to-use online whiteboard that allows you to communicate with people at any time and from any location. Try sketching to find out what makes Zertz unique, such as sticky notes, digital pens, and shapes.

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