Former Miss Kerala Death Remains a Mystery

Former Miss Kerala Death Remains a Mystery, The tragedy that took the life of previous Miss Kerala Ansi Kabeer, runner-up Anjana Shajan, and a companion remains a mystery. KL 40 J 3333 is the registration number of the Audi automobile that was seen chasing Ansi and Anjana.

By the No 18 Hotel in Fort Kochi, the automobile began following them. Based on the data given of Abdul Rahman, the car’s driver wherein Ansi and Anjana were going, the police have called Saiju, the driver of the Audi vehicle, for questioning.

One individual from the Audi car exited the car after the collision and surveyed the incident area. In other automobiles, their companions had arrived at the site. The police have been told that they waited at a safe distance, watched the situation, and then left. It’s unlikely that Roy, the proprietor of the ‘No 18’ hotel, was part of this group.

It’s also been suggested that the Audi car’s passengers were inebriated and that they went to the hospital where the injured were brought to inquire about their present state. According to accounts, the Audi automobile stopped Ansi’s car near Kundannoor and ordered him to return to the hotel.

From Fort Kochi to Chakkaraparambu, the police have gathered CCTV video. The police discovered that the Audi automobile had tracked Ansi’s car from the Fort Kochi resort to the crash site.

The digital video recorder (DVR) storing the hotel’s Video evidence had been hidden. The operator of the ‘No 18’ resort in Fort Kochi had stolen the DVR with the CCTV images of the hall where the DJ party was held the day before the accident. When the hotel staff’s statements were recorded, this was discovered.

An Audi automobile was seen chasing the car in which Ansi and Anjana were going, according to CCTV footage collected near the accident site. When authorities questioned the persons who followed Ansi’s car, they claimed they were merely trying to warn them since Ansi and her pals were inebriated.

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