Enrica Lexie Case Has Taken A New Shift As The Mother Moves To The HC For Compensation

Enrica Lexie Case Has Taken

Enrica Lexie Case, A mother of a 14-year old boy has approached the highest court for compensation. The boy was on the fishing vessel at which Italian marines fired. The name of the Italian marine ship was the MV Enrica Lexie. 

TOI was the only news outlet to report the news. The boy was present on the tragic fishing vessel, St Anthony. The Government of the state has informed the Supreme Court that the child was on the boat. The child committed suicide in the year 2019 because of psychological trauma.

Especially The mother of the victim had presented an affidavit in front of the honorable HC. The affidavit was signed by seven of the eight survivors. The victim’s mother’s name is Mary Margaret. She resides at Tsunami Colony in Kanjampuram, situated in Kanyakumari. The boat’s operator Freddy Bosco and an individual named Johnson were also killed during the shooting.

A New Shift As The Mother Moves

Although After considering the petition, HC is examining the opinions of the Government of India in this matter. Justice PB Suresh Kumar has done a tremendous job. Prijin was a child victim, and his family members are entitled to compensation. The Central Government has not provided an impartial investigation in the case. The central Government is bound by an obligation under the Constitution to protect the rights of the child victim. The Government is also responsible for safeguarding the survivors of the shooting.  Earlier, all investigations in India were halted.

It is also claimed that the demand for compensation of 10 Cr. INR was not full-filled. According to the Italian Government, they had paid the full amount. However, the amount paid by the Italian Government to the SC was not a valid claim. It is because there are some fraudulent and false representations made of the Central and Italian governments. The victim’s mother claimed that the Constitution did not safeguard her rights. 

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