Elon Musk Finished Twitter Deal At 44 Billion Doller

Elon Musk Finished Twitter Deal At $ 44 billion deal to acquire Twitter Inc. He could crack down on executives and board salaries at social media companies to cut costs; and create new ways to monetize tweets, said three people familiar with the matter.

Musk questioned how he would generate a financial return on Twitter in a call to the bank before the deal was announced. He did not have public financial access to Twitter at the time, despite the fact that nothing was set in stone. He specifically mentioned the layoffs, claiming that those who refused to be identified did so for personal reasons.

After submitting his offer on Twitter on April 14, Musk pitched to lenders as he tried; to secure the loan for the buying days, sources said. The Twitter board submitted a bank pledge on April 21 to accept his “best and final” offer.

After Elon Musk Finished Twitter Deal:

The Musk platform also discussed ​​increasing cash flow, including possible subscription services to drive monetization and recurring revenue, they said. He has said little about how he plans to drive growth; suggesting earlier this month that he is not busy with money. “I don’t care about the economy,” Musk told a TED conference after offering to buy the company.

Especially Musk had to convince banks that Twitter had created enough cash flow to provide its sought-after loan services. Although He linked $ 13 billion in debt and $ 12.5 billion; in margin debt secured against Twitter to his Tesla stock. Musk tweeted about the pay cuts for the board of directors; which he said could save about $ 3 million in cost savings. For the 12 months ending December 31, 2021; Twitter stock-based compensation was $ 630 million, an increase of 33% from 2020, according to corporate filings.

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