Dr Nowhera Shaik Why Everyone Loves Her

Why Everyone Loves Her (Dr Nowhera Shaik) is a person who has risen from the ashes from being poor to being one of the most powerful and famous lady, who today people call the Iron Lady. Some of the best qualities of gestures she has done to make people love her more every day.

Nowhera Shaik

Why Everyone Loves her:

Girls Education:

Nowhera Shaik being a new age person she understood the importance of education. She was focused on a mindset that girls and especially Muslim Indian women need to be educated and know their rights. She even opened schools in Mumbai, Surat, Belapur, and other parts of the country.

Creating Employment:

Nowhera Shaik made an effort to create employment all over the country. With the creation of her company Heera Group, she started hundreds of jobs for the people of Andhra Pradesh. 

Helping People who feed:

Besides educating and creating employment opportunities, she had a realization about the farmer’s efforts. She understood the value of the people who grew food for everyone; Dr Nowhera Shaik made a point to contribute nearly 2% of her company Heera Group’s profit for the welfare and well-being of the farmers.

Rural Area Development:

The Mobile Clinic initiative aims to improve the lives of rural Indians by offering classes on child development, family planning, vaccination, and other topics. Dr Nowhera Shaik’s aims in helping and developing the rural areas and make the country progress along the way.

Give back to the Society:

Dr Nowhera Shaik’s goal is to build a culture and a country that works for all its residents, regardless of outside influences. She believes that the goal of business should be to make money and give back to Society.

Nowhera Shaik has always stated that nobody becomes poor by helping and giving back to Society; these Nobel thoughts, qualities, and gestures have made everyone realize how great she is and how she loves and is loved by everyone.

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