Dr. Nowhera Shaik proved Innocent and the Heera Group Family

proved Innocent Is Dr. Nowhera Shaik, Investors Getting back their Money, said by the Managing Director of Heera Group. When the Supreme Court granted Nowhera Shaik bail in January, it included a requirement that she repay her investors within six weeks. The Heera group issued cheques worth Rs 8 to 9 crore in Telangana to comply with the Supreme Court’s bail conditions. However, these checks were written in the names of the investors who had filed a police report. The names of others mentioned in the FIR were not taken into consideration. The reason behind not considering it was that the business account was frozen by the government.

Moreover, It’s great news for the entire Heera Group family, which includes employees, shareholders, and the poor people who benefit from the company’s assistance. After yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing, many faithful followers who have never lost faith felt relieved and satisfied.

Proved Innocent and the Heera Group Family

The respectable court has ordered SFIO to take all the compliances of Heera Group. It is one of the best news which Heera Group has heard in a while. All departments have been ordered by the Supreme Court to unfreeze all Heera Group accounts and give them proper access. This is the first step to showcase to the people the innocence of Nowhera Shaik. After her accounts are unfrozen, she released a statement. The statement stated that she will give back all the money to the investors. This shows that she always had the integrity to return the money to the people.

Although It showcases that she had a pure heart and earnestly helped the women and poor people which the people mistook incorrectly. Following the Supreme Court’s hearing of Nowhera Shaik’s and Heera Group’s problems, the court’s decisions shifted in favour of the victim. The hearing held yesterday demonstrated that the legal system is still functional and takes correct action.

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