Dr kamal ranadive birthday

Dr kamal ranadive birthday, Today’s Google Doodle: Dr. Kamal Ranadive, an Indian cell biologist, was honored with a Google doodle on Monday to commemorate her 104th birthday. Dr. Kamal is most known for her groundbreaking cancer research and commitment to using science and education to make the world a better place. In the doodle, made by India-based illustrator Ibrahim Rayintakath, Dr. Ranadive is portrayed gazing across a microscopy.

Her father wanted her to pursue a medical degree, but Ranadive discovered she was more interested in biology. When serving as a scientist at the Indian Cancer Research Center, she got a doctorate in cytology, the science of cells, in 1949. (ICRC). She went to Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and the ICRC after completing a fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, when she founded the nation’s first culturing lab.

As such head of the ICRC as well as a researcher in animal modelling of cancer progression, Ranadive was among the first researchers in Asia to establish a link among breast cancer and genes, as well as demonstrate links among cancers and certain pathogens. Ranadive researched on a vaccination for the organism that causes syphilis, Mycobacterium leprae. Dr. Ranadive and 11 colleagues founded the Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA) in 1973 to support women working in science.

“Ranadive further encouraged Indian intellectuals and students who study overseas; to come to India and then use their abilities to assist home areas. Dr. Ranadive worked in rural Maharashtra after retiring in 1989, teaching women as health professionals and offering nutrition and health education. The IWSA now has 11 branches in India and offers scholarships and childcare to female scientists; according to a statement released by Google.

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