Does Kerala have lower immunity against Coronavirus?

Union healthy ministry released state-wise % of Seroprevalence. Kerala has the lowest, and Madhya Pradesh has the highest Seroprevalence. The center also said the state performs a local seroprevalence investigation discussion with the Indian medical research council. So the local level data of Seroprevalence may create against Coronavirus in kerala. This statistics is a part of ICMR’s (Indian Council of Medical Research) 4th nationwide serosurvey. In this, it found that 1/3rd of the Indian populace is still susceptible to the highest infection. However, 2/3rd have the antibody.

Data showing the lowest score of Kerala against Covid

According to the research and ICMR’S 4th serosurvey, Kerala has a low score. However, Madhya Pradesh reported 79% of high Seroprevalence. M.P is following by Rajashthan that has 76%, and Bihar has 75%.

A Kerala has 44% lowest Seroprevalence, and Maharashtra has 58%. Almost 70% of the Indian population have antibodies against Coronavirus.

What is meant by Kerala has lower Seroprevalence?

Kerala has lower immunity against Coronavirus. This state is now causative to fifty percent of new cases. It means several persons are infecting during this time. But in other states, this situation is decline. It implies that Kerala has no antibodies against Covid. More so, doctor Anish said that Kerala has been vaccinating proportionately. The center must provide a more extensive vaccine to Kerala. It entails the lower immunity that persons developing antibodies throughout usual infection are more down.

So to protect from Corona, the Kerala people should adequately take care of them. Proper hand washes, sanitize, and wearing masks. More so, if they feel any sign of Corona, then take advice from a doctor. Also, take vaccination on time. The center must provide a more effective vaccine to Kerala. 

So this all things helps to safe against Covid 19.

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