Doctors strike in Kerala today

Doctors strike in Kerala today, The state administration has threatened to take harsh steps against a group of graduate physicians who are boycotted non-essential operations since Wednesday because of the backlog in NEET-PG counselling and a lack of junior doctors. On Thursday, Minister Of health Veena George warned doctors who jeopardize the national healthcare system would face the consequences.
“There have been two rounds of consultations with PG doctors by the government. They went on strike to demand that admittance to first-year graduate programs be accelerated. However, because the case is ongoing before the Supreme Court, the state government cannot accelerate the process.
The administration has decided to employ non-academic junior residents (NAJR) in health facilities to alleviate the problem of work. Depending on such assurances, Moreover, it was called off the strike. This has also resulted in the issuance of orders. Nevertheless, according to the minister, a group of PG doctors has continued to strike, time disruption in Covid and non-Covid therapy.
If a group of PG doctors tried to take the public health care system hostage, It would force the administration to invoke sections of the Prevention of Epidemic Diseases Act, as per George. She stated that the government had adopted a liberal stance towards the PG doctors’ requests. It would address any attempts to undermine the healthcare system severely.
On the other hand, protesting doctors were as vehement, claiming that they have been voicing their problems for a long time but that nothing has changed since the government is doing nothing. “We have constantly been working for the past 18 months… there is currently a shortfall of roughly 700 physicians, and no consultations are being scheduled despite assurances.”
Furthermore, we have been asking for a pay raise for a long time. Still, nothing has changed on that front, so we have no choice but to escalate our protests,” said a protest doctor, noting that It will boycott emergency personnel beginning Friday.

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