Districts will be continue on Red Alert by India Meteorological Department-Chennai.

India Meteorological Department has maintained the red signal issued in Chennai and its enclosing areas for November 18 as the city is likely to receive massive rain. The storm will continue over Tamil Nadu till November 21.

It is indicated that enormous heavy rains will begin again in those parts of Tamil Nadu till Thursday darkness after it was noticed that the low-pressure region was attaining the State’s shore, arising in enormous condensation.

  • At least five people have vanished in rain-related incidents across Tamil Nadu, while 538 compartments and four cabins have been harmed, said the State Revenue and Disaster Management Minister.
  • People have been expelled from their homes, and over 800 people inhabit the solace headquarters in Chennai. Through 16 avenues in the district were flooded, and steam had to be pumped out. As further rains are predicted in Chennai, citizens have been instructed to keep up in regions and divert industry.
  • In the past 24 hours, expiring 8.30 am, Thirumoorthy in Tiruppur district documented the day’s enormous rainfall of 13 cm. Many other weather depots, too, recorded rain of varied intensity. Many weather stations and rain gauges started recording rain during the day as the system approached closer to the Tamil Nadu coast.
  • Among them was Thuvakudi in Trichy (4 cm), Thanjavur & Udhagamandalam recorded 3 cm Kodaikanal (2 cm), and Chennai, Tiruchi, Cuddalore, Yercaud, Madurai & Coimbatore (1 cm each) till 5.30 p.m.

The waterholes have been receiving inflows due to rain in the catchment regions of far suburbs, compelling the authorities to broadcast the water to conserve outstanding levels as per the capacity.

As of Tuesday, 2 pm, 1,195 cusecs of water were disclosed from Red Hills, 215 cusecs from Sholavaram, 1,151 cusecs from Chembarambakkam 7,036 cusecs were released.

This year, the northeast monsoon has given rise to good rainfall to the State that so far received a 45 cm, 54% more than its average of 29 cm. Chennai, too, has recorded 65% additional rainfall. It has received 82 cm, against its usual lot of 50 cm, since October 1.

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