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Dileep news latest, Women in Cinema Collective, a group that advocates for females in the Malayalam film industry, has requested action from Kerala law enforcers. The plea comes in reaction to director Balachandra Kumar’s latest remarks against convicted actor Dileep in the 2017 incident of a Kerala actor’s kidnapping and sexual assault, which is currently in court.

On November 25, Balachandra Kumar lodged a report with the Kerala Chief Minister’s Office. Alleging that he was an eyewitness account to major accused Pulsar Sunni that is seen at convicted Actor Dileep’s house. The complainant further claims that Dileep saw a video clip of the kidnapped actress. Several others being sexually assaulted and has produced fragments of recorded audio discussions at Dileep’s home. Including claimed attempts to sway crucial witnesses.

The prosecution requested a new investigation into the case on Wednesday, citing Balachandra Kumar’s damning claims and disclosures. Mr. Kumar further claims he was continuously told not to report seeing Pulsar Sunni with Dileep. The complainant has requested armed security for his life. Along with his family in his petition to the Chief Minister’s office. A month after submitting a report with the Chief Minister of the state, Balachandra Kumar then spoke to the press.

In February 2017, a lady actor was reportedly abducted and sexually tortured while traveling to Kochi for work. The accused is also suspected of filming the crime. The eighth accused in the case, Malayalam cinema actor Dileep, was detained in July 2017. And freed two months later on parole. He was accused of conspiring to kidnap and sexually assault the actress when she was in her car. The document also requests that the director be offered police protection. Based on his request, which he has signed off on.

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