Devendra Fadnavis Responds to NCP’s Nawab Malik “After Diwali”

Devendra Fadnavis Responds to NCP’s

Devendra Fadnavis branded charges that he starred in a music video financed by a drug peddler who is currently in prison “laughable” and slammed the NCP leader, claiming he is waiting till Diwali is over to show testimony of the leader’s ties to the crime syndicate. Amruta Fadnavis, the former Chief Minister’s wife, sang in the music video in question.

“Those who have ties to the Underworld should keep their mouths shut about me. I’ll show proof of Nawab Malik’s connections to the Underworld. I’m just waiting for Diwali to come and go “In a press conference today, Mr. Fadnavis stated. He went on to say that he will also transmit the material to NCP chief Sharad Pawar.

Devendra Fadnavis fired a minor firecracker before Diwali, but I will light a large one after the holiday,” the former Chief Minister added, alleging that Mr. Malik was only trying to put pressure on the NCB to persuade the anti-drugs agency to soften the charge sheet against his son-in-law.

Nawab Malik “After Diwali”

Sameer Khan, the son-in-law of a Maharashtra cabinet member, was detained by the NCB previously last year in a narcotics case and later given bail by a court. At the time, Mr. Fadnavis was the state’s, Chief Minister.

He said that both he and his wife were involved in the revitalization of the river. There are images with the squad, as well as with my wife and myself. Nawab Malik, on the other hand, knowingly shared a photograph of my wife. This reflects his way of thinking “According to the state commission’s leader of the opposition.

The minister recently made a series of startling charges against the BJP; suggesting that the two parties conspired to develop the state’s narcotics trade. He has also questioned Sameer Wankhede’s religion, alleging that he was originally a Muslim but falsified document. Along with a caste certificate, to pass off like a Scheduled Caste (SC) person; to get employment under reservation after passing the UPSC exams.

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