Delhi Jama Masjid Sees Massive Protest

Delhi Jama Masjid Sees Massive Protest. In response to Nupur Sharma suspension and Naveen Jindal’s expulsion for making incendiary statements, a large protest occurred Friday at Delhi’s Jama Masjid. As news of controversial comments against Islam and its prophet made by a Hindu hardliner spread, it wasn’t just Muslim men who came out in support of their religion and community. Women came out in full force at Delhi’s historic Jama Masjid on Friday, many of them with their heads covered, to protest against Nupur Sharma’s remarks. 

Huge Crowd Gathers For Friday Prayers

More than 50,000 people gathered at Delhi’s historic Jama Masjid Friday for prayers after remarks; against Prophet Mohammed sparked a massive protest during a discussion on religious intolerance in India last month. Protesters called for action against Nupur Sharma and are demanding that she apologize for her statements about Muslims. 

The BJP has distanced itself from Nupur Sharma’s remarks, saying it supports freedom of speech; but that comments inciting violence or abetting an incitement to violence will not be tolerated. Friday’s protest came amid rising tension between members of different religions across India; Muslims have threatened retaliation if Nupur Sharma is not charged with blasphemy; while Hindus, in return, have staged protests demanding her arrest.

Delhi Jama Masjid Sees Massive Protest:

On Friday, thousands of people in Delhi staged a protest inside and outside of Jama Masjid; one of India’s largest mosques, over comments by an Islamic leader criticizing the actions of Nupur Sharma. In recent years, these protests have become common during Friday prayers.

Especially Police Use Water Cannons, Tear Gas Shells

Police resorted to a baton charge to disperse over 50,000 (Approx.) protesters; who had assembled at Jama Masjid in Delhi earlier today, protesting against controversial remarks against Prophet Muhammad. Protesters pelted stones at police personnel and torched vehicles. Police had to use water cannons, tear gas shells and lathi charges; to stop them from marching further to Jama Masjid. Eyewitnesses say there was a massive commotion near Jama Masjid as several groups of protesters gathered.

Police have imposed Section 144 (prohibits assembly of more than four people in an area) in and around Delhi’s historic Jama Masjid after violent protests broke out over derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad by Nupur Sharma.

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