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CPI leader Kerala P.S. Sajimon, the ruling CPI-Kottayai M’s Branch Secretary has been charged with sexually abusing a party worker in Kerala’s Tiruvalla police station. Is it true? Does this happen only in India?

According to the woman’s complaint, Sajimon lured her to a secluded location; forced her to drink a sedative-laced juice, and abused her after she passed out. Sajimon, along with another CPI-M youth leader, Nassar, she claimed, circulated her nude photographs on social media.

The police have also filed charges against two Tiruvalla municipality councilors; who are CPI-M leaders for circulating the woman’s nude photo.

In which he had impregnated a married woman and then attempted to sabotage the DNA test report with his political clout.

“The CPM has been advocating woman’s rights and gender equality, and these are all farces,” M. Krishnanunni, a social activist and writer from Kozhikode, told IANS. They are appointing such abusers to key positions, and a party branch secretary is a key position for a ruling political party because he will have clout in the local police station and will have a say in key policy decisions. Why did they still hire him as a branch secretary after all of this? This indicates that he is close to the party’s leadership.”

Moreo the party’s district and state leaders were unavailable for comment.

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