Coach Bino George Training For Penalties

Coach Bino George Training For Penalties. Jurgen Klopp has revealed the secret weapon behind Liverpool’s steel nerves in their penalty shoot-out Wembley win. The Reds completed a full set of 11 successful spot-kicks from the left side of the pitch at the end of the 120th minute. Including hero goalkeeper Kawimhin Keleher, although the mind game Chelsea defender Kepa tried. And the manager explained that part of the credit must go to a German expert company called Neuro 11. A neuroscience team that deals with the process of emotional strengthening in stressful football situations.

The German-based business described its work as “harnessing and strengthening the role of the brain in high-level athletic performance”. Started working with the Liverpool squad in the pre-season. Last week, they returned to the Reds’ training ground to work on a set-piece situation. Before the final against Chelsea, the club explained with a penalty.

Coach Bino George Training For Penalties Pays Off Kerala:

Somehow I felt we deserved it, Kaoihin especially deserved it. And you have to say we have Neuro 11, “Klopp told the TV channel. We worked with them in the pre-season, and they’ve been doing set-piece training with the boys over the last few weeks. Psychologically, each player went through a proper drill with penalties, corners, and free kicks.

So we had a list for the boys. First five and then six, seven, eight. But some players were no longer on the field. They were nowhere near the list from eight, so it was fascinating. Praise the boys, praise the neuro11. They have done an incredible job with the boys. I’m happy we won it that way.

The company uses mechanisms to bring players into the entire zone and work out the minor details that reduce the pressure. It is noteworthy that Kelehar recovered the ball after each spot-kick he faced, giving it directly to the next Liverpool penalty-taker.

Coach Bino George Training For Penalties

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