Challenges Faced By Nowhera Shaik While Establishing Her Business

Challenges Faced By Nowhera Shaik the founder of Heera Group of Companies helps millions of families with various schemes. Now it is very a well-known and trusted platform for multinational corporations. Operated in five countries: India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait and other Gulf countries. Nowhera Shaik started the organization to help poor Muslim women empower their families. It is illegal in Islam to charge interest on any amount. Dr. Nowhera Shaik started his company, which provides an interest-free source of income without any restrictions on Islam.

If you are wondering how did Nowhera Shaik start her journey?  Has he taken a loan from any bank? Then here is your answer.

Early Challenges Faced By Nowhera Shaik:

Nowhera Shaik started a residential college for girls at the age of 19 to provide advanced education to young girls. In those days, he started teaching with only six students, who gradually grew to 1000 and multiplied in a very short time. Early success and courage helped her to start a women’s team. She later sold his ancestral property and set up a Heera group to start a residential school for girls. However, one thing is clear that he did not take a loan because he knows that interest based loans are forbidden in Islam. She is a devout woman, so she has decided to choose an alternative way to start her business journey. It was not easy to take such a big risk at the age of 20.  Moreover, as a woman, it is very difficult to take such risks.

In 2017, the Heera Group was the most profitable company. In 2017, the Heera Group recorded its all-time best performance in the last 23 years. The Heera group company was selected for The Indian Super 100 books and owns half a dozen malls and trades in gold, textiles, real estate and electronics.

Although According to sources, all the offices of Heera Group are its own property.

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