Centre Creates an Operational Task Force to Combat Delhi Air Pollution Just One Day After The Supreme Court Issued a Notice

Delhi Air Pollution, On Friday, the Centre notified the Supreme Court that the Council for Air Quality Monitoring in the Capital City and Adjacent Areas had formed a “Regulatory Task Force” to combat rising levels of air pollution. This comes just a day after the Supreme Court expressed its concern with the Centre’s and states’ inability to keep levels of pollution with in Capital City under control. The matter will be heard by the Supreme Court later in the day.

The government stated in an affidavit filed with the Supreme Court that the five-member task team “would exercise rights of taking disciplinary and preventive actions towards non-entities.” As part of this, 17 working groups have indeed been formed, all of which will report back to the main working group, according to the statement.

Previously, the Pollution Management Board and the different state authorities’ pollution prevention boards or committees used to conduct the inspections. According to the administration, these flying squads have been in operation since December 2 and have already conducted surprise checks at 25 locations. It further stated that in the next 24 hours, the number of such teams will be boosted to 40.

All schools and institutions in the NCR would stay closed till further directives are issued, according to the Government. Vehicles, except those powered by CNG or electricity and transporting critical goods, are not allowed to enter. According to the declaration, industrial facilities in the NCR that do not use PNG or renewable fuels are only permitted to function for up to 8 hours per day during the week and must close on weekends.

In addition, only 5 of the 11 energy sources plants within 300 kilometres of Delhi would be active till December 15, 2021. On Thursday, the Supreme Court ordered the government to take corrective action to reduce emissions within 24 hours, after which it stated it would be compelled to intervene.

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