Celebrate the Birthday of the Inventor of Otto Wichterle contact lenses

Celebrate the Birthday of the Inventor

Otto Wichterle contact lenses, On the 108th anniversary of his birth, Google Doodle paid honor to Czech chemist, who produced Soft contact lenses. The Google Doodle features Otto Wichterle clutching a soft contact lens. It was contacted between the fingertips with light reflects to create the Google logo there in the foreground as a depiction of vision.

On October 27, 1913, he was born in Czechoslovakia. (Austro-Hungary was the name at the time.) In 1936, Wichterle received his Ph.D. in organic synthesis from the Czech Institute of Chemical Technology. (ICT). He served as a professor at his alma mater throughout the 1950s. During this time, he was also developing an absorbent and refractive hydrogel for ophthalmic implantation.

Especially In 1961, he manufactured the first four hydrogel contact lenses with a crude contraption made from a children’s woodworking kit. It includes a cycling dynamo belonging to one of his sons, and a bell transformer. With the help of his spouse Linda as well as the equipment on his kitchen table, Wichterle was finally successful on Christmas morning.

of Otto Wichterle contact lenses

Regardless of the truth that they possess the incorrect power, he goes on to inspect the lenses with his own eyes and considers them to be nice. As a result, he developed a revolutionary lens manufacturing technique based on stir casting. He completed his provisional patent some few weeks later and produced over 100 lenses using spin molding.

Wichterle became the Czech Republic’s first President shortly after the country’s founding in 1993. Moreover He is a life scientist and the creator of multiple patents. Wichterle died on the 18th of August, 1998. Google hailed Otto Wichterle for “letting the world see eye-to-eye!” in a blog article. Soft and hard gas porous eyeglasses, as per the US United states Food And drug. Soft contact wearers have a 31-year average lifespan globally.

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