Cases Against Heera Group are fabricated? Unclarified doubts.

As the Heera Group owner Nowhera Shaik is released on a six-month bail after two and half years on bail, doubts about the case are rising from various corners. In 2018 some Cases were Against Heera Group Nowhera Shaik was accused of collecting Rs 5,600 crore deposits from 1.72 lakh investors in the name of a gold Ponzi scheme. In the same year, she got arrested. But after two years of the incident, doubts are arising about the genuineness of the case. According to the Supreme Court ruling, CCS was asked to return the company’s Data Center to Nowhera Shaik so that she can settle the investors. But they are delaying the process, and she is struggling to get it back. Is this a plan to destroy her image again? The EWO’s work was also suspicious. They can only be involved in cases if the fraud amount is greater than 2 crores. But according to the FIR Cases Against Heera Group CEO Nowhera shaik, total complaints were made only by 20 people, and the amount was less than 1 crore. Still, EWO got involved in the case, and this unusual activity is under doubt.

Also, EWO did not issue a notice against Heera Group or Nowhera Shaik , which should be there as per the protocols. EOW can be involved in fraud, like chit funds, lottery, fake companies, money circulation above two crore rupees. But these criteria never suited the case of Heera Group. Both the police and EWO are doing very suspicious activities in Nowhera Shaikh’s case. These doubts need clarification to prove the case against Nowhera. But the system is running away from the answers. Nowhera Shaik is now working on repaying the investment amounts of investors who wish to withdraw the investment made. She promised that the company would repay everyone and also claimed the case is a fake one.

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