Bus strike in Kerala tomorrow latest news

Bus strike in Kerala tomorrow latest news, Private bus operators in Kerala have chosen not to go through with the strike that’s been supposed to begin today, bringing a feeling of ease to commuters. The Kerala State Private Bus Provider Association delegates met with Transportation Minister Antony Raju at the Nattakom homestay in Kottayam on Monday night and decided to call off the prolonged bus strikes.

The strike was put off for the meeting, which lasted around two hours. According to reports, Antony Raju informed the bus operators that their concerns would be addressed by November 18.

As per the bus proprietors, the Kerala administration has been given one week to act quickly. Private bus owners had already vowed to embark on an extended strike starting at midnight on Tuesday, seeking an increase in bus prices for everyone, even students.

At the moment, the lowest bus ticket is Rs 8. Bus proprietors, on the other hand, have urged that the rate be raised to Rs 12 and that subsequent charges be reduced to Rs 1 per kilometer. Bus fares for children should be increased to Rs 6, according to the providers.

They also urge the government to remove the road charge during the outbreak and provide diesel rebates. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) labor unions went on strike last week, leaving travelers stranded.

The Indian National Trade Union Congress, which is linked with the Congress, announced the walkout, which was supported by the Core inflation All India Trade Union Congress and the BJP-sponsored Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh.

Transport Minister Antony Raju had spoken out against the walkout, saying: “We would impose a “no pay” policy on those employees who take part in the strike. We’re thinking of putting KSRTC on the list of required services.”

“The state administration is dedicated to the salary raise, which would cost an extra Rs 30 crore to the state budget. We just requested more time for implementation from the organizations, but they refused to listen “Continued.

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