BEVCO Stores Will Have Digital Boards With Stock And Price Information

BEVCO Stores, Outside of Kerala State Beverages Corporation (Bevco) outlets, digital screens will soon display the brands and pricing offered. This would allow for real-time supply updates, allowing customers in line to select their preferred brands.

Customers will spend less time at the booths requesting their preferences as a result of the move. Within a month, Bevco plans to implement the system in all of its locations all across the state.

The scrolling on the smartphone display, as per S Shyam Sundar, the corporation’s chairman and managing director (CMD), will not only assure stock integrity but will also avoid complaints from customers at specific locations about workers selling trademarks of certain firms.

However, Bevco plans to expand its online booking service to all of its 265 locations by November.

Bevco also intends to set up support kiosks in front of outlets with long lines. This is to assist clients who do not have access to a smartphone to place online reservations. In response to Bevco’s plea, the state government informed the state supreme court that petition is now being considered; by the bureau of customs.

Bevco has opted to open these stores in Corporation and Municipality districts as the state sees; a proposal to let it open another 175 stores. According to research, while neighboring states like Karnataka And Tamil Nadu get one liquor outlet every 15 square km of the urban area Malayalam has one per 100 square km.

Bevco, on the other hand, faces a significant issue in locating suitable facilities for the new shops. Even five months after just a High Court order to move 32 outlets to more convenient locations; Bevco has only been able to move ten.

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