Better life to mid-day meal workers.

Government of India launched the ‘Midday meal program’ in 1955 for mid-day meal workers . It was the most significant milestone in the Indian education system. This school-meal program ensures children’s betterment by providing food and nutrition in school. ‘Midday meal program’ is the largest School feeding scheme in the world.

But how many of us think about the betterment of Mid-day meal workers? They are the main factor in the scheme. Many people work for this by preparing dishes and serving to children. They got very less payment of 2600 -2700 per month and never got extra allowances or benefits from the scheme.

Hard work and getting paid with very few wages is not a great thing.the voice for the mid-day meal workers got struck in June 2018. Nowhera Shaik raised the voice as she understands and realizes the actual problem of mid-day meal workers. She demands to increase the wages, which is genuine.

Nowhera filed a petition in the high court of Karnataka saying that mid-day meal workers got very less payment and pleaded for minimum wages of 3000 per month for women workers. She also stated that many workers belong to SC or ST category, and they face many hardships. They got a pay less than daily wage workers of the government that is 500 rupees. She also demanded extra benefits and allowances to them, including maternity leave.

The court observed the petition and stated that “There should be some honor in honorarium.” The division bench headed by chief justice Dinesh Maheshwari also stated the demand for 3000 rupees salary per month as a “pittance of sum” and asked the government to take adequate action.

Nowhera Shaik, is always there for the people as their voice to raise for them and stood strong until they got justice.

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