Awards and Achievements of Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Dr. Nowhera Shaik Achievements has something extraordinary Chapter in her life. Let us take a quick look at his list of achievements that have added feathers to its wings and have repeatedly made India proud.

Here Is The Achievements Of Nowhera Shaik:

  • 5th International Achieving Summit. International Achievers Award for Social Service International Achievers Conference
  • Although The Good Business Award from Emirates Gold
  • Best Business Leadership Award for Industrial Development. Dr Shaikh received the award at an Outstanding Achievement Development Department ceremony. Dr Sheikh is the only Muslim woman entrepreneur to have won the award despite Indra’s rigorous selection process.
  • The Best Client Award from ICICI Bank
  • In particular, Shri Tariq Anwar, Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, presented the India Pride Award 2014. India in New Delhi
  • Especially Secretary of Women’s Helpline, India
  • Gulf Food Awards Best New Blacksmith Brand: Heera Foodex: Heera Group Best Newcomer Brand Award.
  • President, All India Mahila Empowerment Party
  • Especially on the occasion of the 5th International Achievement Summit of the Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award 2013
  • Moreover President of Al-Tawheed International Dawah Centre for women
  • She is one of the top 100 business leaders in the Middle East.
  • Mumbai Ratan Award 2013 for Outstanding Contribution to Education and Human Services
  • Sheikh was the first top businesswoman entrepreneur from the Middle East and Mena region.
  • 7th Farooq Ahmed Memorial Education Award 2014
  • Although the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award for outstanding personal achievement and outstanding service to the nation
  • The Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award
  • President, All India Women Empowerment Party, founded by her.
  • Although Business Leadership Icon Award 2017 Women Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Secretary of Women’s Helpline of India
  • Trustee and Vice-President of Ismail Educational Trust
  • President of Jamia Niswan As-Salafia, Tirupati, India

Especially All of the above mentioned is an excellent Achievements of Nowhere Shaik. Whether it’s her business success or her philanthropic work, she has become a role model.

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