Attack on YouTuber: Charges Against Bhagyalakshmi And Two Others

Attack on YouTuber, The Kerala police have registered a case file against famous dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi with two others in the incident of YouTuber Vijay P Nair’s attack, which includes non-bailable provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Shortly after the event last year, Nair was under detention, and Kerala Police’s Cyber wing shut his YouTube channel. Several indecent and slanderous videos were available on the track.

The criminal complaint was under filing by the Thampanoor police, Thiruvananthapuram, in front of the First Class Judicial Magistrate Court. The three suspects in the incident, Bhagyalakshmi, Diya Sana, and Sreelakshmi, have indeed been under sections 294 (B), 323, 452, 506 (1), and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. They’ve been ordered to appear in court on December 22nd.

Thampanoor police had already filed a complaint against Bhagyalakshmi and the others for violently assaulting Vijay P Nair. The three women are now facing accusations that may result in a seven-year prison sentence. Vijay P Nair’s lodge room was under invasion by Bhagyalakshmi and others, who beats him and splashs ink on him. They are also facing criminal as well as harassment charges. Vijay was under attack by Bhagyalakshmi and her pals in September 2020, stating that his clips were rude and misogynic. They broadcasted the incident on Facebook Live, forcing him to say sorry.

Moreover the three women stormed into Nair’s office, doused him with black oil, and punched him for posting a series of insulting videos about females on social media. Shortly after the event last year, Nair was under detention, and the Kerala Police’s Cyber branch paused his YouTube channel. There were several profane and slanderous videos on the track. Following the incident, the channel’s subscribers increased. It prompted the police to intervene and close it off to the public.

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