Air Pollution: Thermal power plant in Delhi


1)Air pollution: Thermal power plant in Delhi closed, trucks can’t enter Delhi.

2)Ready For Weekend Lockdown, Depends On.

3)Court Now: Delhi Government  NDTV

Ahead of the SC hearing, the Environment Ministry convenes a meeting on Delhi air quality, The Hindu.

4)A traffic lockdown may be what Delhi requires.

5)Schools, Colleges In And Near Delhi Closed, Offices Advised 50% WFH NDTV.

Thermal power plant in Delhi, The Commission for the Air Quality Management in India’s NCR, i.e., National Capital Region and connecting areas retained, ordered numerous regulations to deal with the air quality disaster, The Times of India reported.

These include shutting down all except five thermal energy plants within a 300km radius of Delhi until November 30 & has to stop the entry of trucks in Delhi excess for those holding up essential properties.

The air quality in the national capital disintegrated into the severe classification on November 16 Tuesday. The Delhi government indicated executing work from home policy in Delhi-NCR and shutting businesses to handle; the pollution disaster during meetings with different northern states. The Supreme Court, which had advised the Commission For Air Quality Management to carry the joint conference regarding the pollution phases in Delhi, will hear the matter on November 17 Wednesday.

All academic institutions in NCR will continue to shut down with the authorization of online mode & until additional orders. At least 50% of administration employees in NCR will work from home.

Although Additional measures declared openly by the commission include prohibiting DG sets up across an NCR, except for emergency assistance, and assuring that all enterprises with gas relationships in NCR are operating on gas hardly, declining which they are to be shut down. By the respective governments and ordered to that energy procedure wherever gas is accessible.

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