AIMEP focused on helping the farmers and poor people.

AIMEP is contesting elections in Uttar Pradesh. They have tried to go in-depth about the problems faced by the people of Uttar Pradesh. When farmers’ crops become too expensive owing to extreme weather or other scarcity factors, the government intervenes to import cheaper food. At both ends of the spectrum, our farmers suffer. Farmers are requesting a minimum support price (MSP) as a hedge against price volatility for this reason. This is one of the main problems observed by AIMEP. AIMEP even noticed the lack of infrastructure, knowledge, medical resources, financial support, etc., are the basic requirements not being fulfilled for the poor.

It has mentioned in their manifesto of legislative election 2022 that they want the betterment of farmers and poor people. They focus on providing loans to farmers at no interest. Government organizations are providing free seeds to all farmers in Uttar Pradesh. Establish free soil testing centers in all of the state’s villages and districts. For all commercial crops, there is a provision for a minimum support price. To enhance the living conditions of farmers and the weakest parts of society, a district-level monitoring system has been established. There is a provision for giving free medical services to citizens of Uttar Pradesh, particularly farmers and the underprivileged, providing irrigation services to all parts of Uttar Pradesh in a consistent manner. Reforms are being taken to speed up irrigation projects—provision for the delivery of mobile medical services and telemedicine to Uttar Pradesh’s rural districts.

There is a provision for free health insurance schemes for those in Uttar Pradesh who are poor. The provision to provide financial assistance to pregnant women after the birth of their child for six months. Free sanitary napkins will be distributed to women in Uttar Pradesh’s districts. Throughout Uttar Pradesh, there are hostels and rehabilitation homes for women in distress due to various conditions such as domestic violence, abandonment, and so on. Construction of well-equipped government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh’s rural districts. The establishment of Super Specialty Hospitals in each of Uttar Pradesh’s districts, as well as the provision of free medical treatment to families living in poverty. Enactment of laws requiring students to practice rural medicine for two years after receiving their M.B.B.S. Reformative initiatives aimed at improving educational assistance for all members of society in general and minorities in particular. AIMEP is determined to help people in the best way possible

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