After the Row Jammu and Kashmir Cops Post Video Of autonomist Syed Geelani internment

Police talk about After the Row, Jammu, and Kashmir Cops

Syed Geelani, The police told Syed Ali Geelani’s son’s primary approval to an early internment to keep away from rule or order troubles but later altered their minds. A sequence of videos presenting the internment of nationalist head Syed Ali Geelani has been uploaded on social media apps by J&K Police. 

Besides, the videos were following unconfined rumors that he was obscuring devoid of the compulsory shrouding or ablution; afterward, his body was by force taken away by the police force from family. Mr. Syed Geelani Obscured before sunrise, and his family might not execute the final rites.

One video demonstrates a crowd of populace purifying the body and covering it. It is going after by interment prayers or lower of the body into the grave. On the other hand, the police defended the shift telling the family had; at primary, approved to a nighttime interment but afterward altered its mind, forcing the police’s hand.

Post Video Of autonomist Syed Geelani’s internment

Afterward, the demise of Mr. Geelani, IGP Kashmir Shri Vijay Kumar, and ASP or SP meeting both of his sons at their home at 11 pm, condoled them. And they requested for interment in the nighttime for the longer interest of the general populace owing to probable main L&O conditions.

On the other hand, 3 hours after, possibly underneath the force from Pakistan or reprobate, they performed differently and initiated resorting to anti-nationwide actions consist of covering the body in a Pakistani flag. Creating noisy sloganeering in preference of Pakistan; and prompt neighbors to arrive out, the police of Kashmir region tweet on Monday. On Sunday, the police had filed a case underneath the anti-horror illegal actions; avoidance act in opposition to a few of Mr. Geelani’s relatives for covering his body in a Pakistan flag. The police told that, but that mobile internet of mobile would stay suspended in Srinagar.

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