After a 19-Month Wait, Tamil Nadu Schools Welcome Students

Tamil Nadu Schools, The state’s younger school children, in grades I through VIII, will start school on Monday after spending the previous 19 months class. For the first time since March 2020, all one-crore kids in Tamil Nadu in classes I to XII will be permitted to start school.

To ease students back into the educational environment, the elementary education administration has requested schools to hold storytelling, painting, and other creative events during the first two weeks. Schools have established their methods for dividing students’ strengths into two groups and scheduling physical education lessons on different days.

Children are looking forward to returning to class on Monday after a break of 19 months. Leeba, a Tambaram mom, said her son Andrew Thomas, a grade Vii student; was looking forward to returning to school and had prepared his book bag and shoes the day before.

Another family from Kolathur, Sripriya Raj; said her daughter is looking forward to seeing her classmates and instructors again after such a long time. “Though our daughter is eager to get back to class; I am still concerned about taking her to physical education courses because she could contract the virus,” she added.

Some teachers want to greet pupils with candies, chocolates, and balloons when they arrive for physical education courses. “Our instructors will greet learners with floral, candy, cookies, and pencil pouches;” Presidency Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Egmore headmistress MM Ramalakshmi said. To maintain distance; the school will reopen for Classes III, IV, V, and VII on Monday and Classes I, II, and VIII on Tuesday.

On November 1, CBSE schools will also resume physical education programs for younger students. K Manoharan, the headmaster of SBOA School and Junior College in Anna Nagar, said, “We intend to reopen in phases.”

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