Advertisement Of Vimal Kesari Went Viral

Advertisement Of Vimal Kesari Went Viral. Yesterday only an advertisement of Vimal Kesari went viral and created a lot of reactions among people. Vimal had chosen three epic figures from the B town, starting from SRK to Ajay Devgan to Akshay Kumar. It seemed to invest lakhs and lakhs on this ad just to make more money. Before this, there has been a popular ad of Vimal, which also turned the tables for the owners; but at this time seeing Akshay Kumar the fitness freak and the believer of healthy lifestyle. The fans became very emotional and they expressed their grief through multiple social media platforms.

Akshay Kumar is one of those men from the B Town who had set a life devoid of any offerings; that might make make a control over his own self. His lifestyle routine, schedule, his style of keeping the self aloof; from the worldly affairs have so far created an ideal example. Which his fans have cherished for so many years. Being a complete vegetation and having no association with intoxicants he had become the icon for all age groups. When these dedicated fans saw him endorsing a brand which is highly injurious for health; that broke their heart and made them emotional.

Akshay Kumar About Advertisement Of Vimal Kesari Went Viral:

Off lately when hundreds of tweets and Instagram posts, Facebook shares, even meme shares created a fuss among people. Akshay Kumar came with a public apology, for hurting the sentiments of his fans. He even committed a vital thing that the money he is earning out of this ad, he will lend this for any noble cause. That may get used for public welfare, but as he had signed a contract with Vimal he will be liable to maintain that and can not claim to stop the broadcasting of the advertisement. He was apologetic and was trying to convince the fans about his whereabouts.

This ad had created a lot of chaos over social media handles; after this public revelation this might get sorted and the cause might also get addressed properly.

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