About Heera group of companies

The CEO and founder of Heera Group of companies, Nowhera Shaik, is a modern-age lady. The company diversifies worldwide like Heera jewellers and Heera Gold.

During the journey of Tirupati to AP (Andhra Pradesh), Nowhera Shaik is a societal reformer. She belongs to obedient background. She is the richest and stylish thinking lady, but Nowhera Shaik always helps needy children in their studies. She never creates a difference between poor and rich. Nowhera Shaik faces a lot of challenges to generate her business. Due to the Heera group of companies, she is well known and most prominent in India. In 1998 she started companies of Heera group with noble origin to empower toward the back female. 

Nowhera Shaik has established an innovative way to start digital Heera Gold. This company is also ready to start Heera Gold in India. Digital marketing plays a vital role in gold buying. She has originated this new manner to increase the market of gold. The business brought a significant change in the market of gold. Heera group received registration under the act of the company.

Nowhera Shaik always thinks in today’s era, and all children must have an education. So she established Heera Group to arrive at her mission of education. This company is also ready to start Heera Gold in India. She initiated the exportation and importation of gold business. Nowhera Shaik also helped the children to pay for the price of buying essential books. More so, she also helps them with school and hostel fees. So this Heera Group helps to gain job opportunities for the poor children. It also helped several persons of Kerala., Andhra Pradesh, and other areas. She is not only a leading entrepreneur but also a social activist. She is considering the true inspiration to all women in India. 

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