A New Era of Telecommunication With Zertz

A New Era of Telecommunication

Zertz, The evolution of a fundamental parameter of communication is quite well known now. When it comes to change, communication is a major campaign in itself. A campaign aims to send the right message to the right target through the right channel at the right time. In order to ensure and encourage maximum participation, a well-maintained intentional and structured communication strategy is a must. But the Covid-19 crisis has transformed a fundamental parameter: the channels. With Zertz, all the options are present.

The most accessible face-to-face meetings and interactions now take place online. The opportunities to interact informally have diminished considerably. Understanding your interlocutors’ reactions, moods, and states of mind is more complex than ever. However, experts calculate that 80% of communications are non-verbal (gestures, eye contact, tone of voice, facial expressions, posture). The screens do not make complete sense of these clues and signals. Phone calls, writing emails, and forum-type applications almost wholly do away with them.  There comes Zertz with the best deals.

With Zertz

Put technology on your side to create a vibrant online culture, but set clear guidelines! Telecommuting is not going to disappear anytime soon. Hence the importance of rebuilding your communication practices on a new basis by taking advantage of new technologies. Zertz video conferencing and virtual collaboration tools have multiplied and are now part of everyday life.

Over-communicate in a clever way. “Less is more,” a classic of communication? Yes and no. You have to think about formulating the message most simply and explicitly possible. But in terms of frequency, it is a matter of doing precisely the opposite. Communications must compensate for the now reduced visibility of teams and their work.

Videoconferencing is the only substitute for traditional face-to-face interactions. It is essential for discussions on an individual basis and meetings at the departmental level (see graph). There are many technical solutions but beware of the pitfalls of dispersion.

Emails and newsletters: easy to omit, better to keep them for formal inquiries and additional information Collaboration tools, internal social networks, “forums”: set up a channel dedicated exclusively to change (e.g., Slack board) where you can post documents to which employees can react (articles, videos, etc.)

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