A man cruelly beats up his six years old daughter in Kerala.

Nowadays, in Kerala, several persons beat their children. Similarly, this news is about a male Rojan who wins his daughter. He is 33 years old man, and he had divorced. He is working as a welding worker. So his daughter lives with him. But due to cruelly beat his daughter, he was under arrest by police. The police said about him that he hits her child so arrested on 28 July. His child had some marks on her body that show he beats her with a cane.

Additionally, Rojan was under arrest under 75 Section of the childish justice act. His kid was living with him for two years. She told her teacher during online class about her injuries. The police said TNM, Rojan beats her lot. Because he believes she was not superior to learn Malayalam.

So, CR Singh, the sub-inspector, told about this case. He said about her body marks. This mark proved signs of the cruel wound. So he is not a good parent who beat and punish her daughter. All this matter officer told TNM. But the officer may not determine now whether he used to beat her daily. Also, his daughter didn’t raise any objection against him. Now, the kid has moved to a care house.

So this news shows that how parents are rude to a child nowadays. All the parents should proper care of their children. Why did they beat them cruelly? It is like a crime. So the child is a gift sent by God. So love them and care for them. They deserve love and care. They are very innocent. So take care properly of your child. Even you have divorced, then give all love and care like a mother.

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