“With bird flu in Kerala, precautionary measures are to be taken,” says the health minister

The state of Thiruvanthapuram has seen an increase in bird flu cases. Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Sunday that while there was no cause for concern, precautions needed to be taken to prevent the infections from spreading to humans. According to a government release, the minister stated that all districts have been notified and that everyone must follow the Health Department’s instructions.

On Saturday, bird flu was confirmed in one of the wards of Chempu Panchayat in Kottayam district, and 1,317 birds, including ducks, lovebirds, and chickens, were slaughtered. Revenue, police, health, panchayat, and the animal protection departments worked together to cull the birds and scientifically destroy the remains, as per what the district administration said in the release.

The release also said that the Health Department is monitoring for fever and other symptoms among the people in the affected locations. Symptoms of the infections in humans might include severe upper back pain, fever, cough, shortness of breath, a cold, and blood in the sputum, it is said.

Those facing any of the symptoms are supposed to visit the nearest hospital as soon as possible and get in touch with the doctor upon noticing any of these symptoms or if they have respiratory issues, for the betterment of their health. The bird flu, also known as avian influenza, is an infectious viral disease that affects birds but is rarely transmitted to humans. But it can infect in rare cases due to the mutations in the viruses. According to several sources, those who encounter both infected and healthy birds should now take precautionary measures such as wearing gloves, wearing face masks, and frequently washing their hands. The disease can affect birds like chicken, duck, quail, turkey, goose, and ornamental birds. Taking necessary initiatives helps in being aware of the same.

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