With 9 Additional Instances, Kerala Surpasses Karnataka and Rajasthan in The Omicron Tally

Kerala recorded nine new instances of the Omicron strain of coronavirus on Wednesday. It brought the state’s total to 24, tied for third place with Telangana. According to the news agency, Kerala health minister Veena George announced that six people who came to Ernakulam from other countries were discovered infected with the new strain of worry.

Further Two of the Omicron cases came in Ernakulam from the United Kingdom. While a mother and a boy came from Tanzania. The final two passengers arrived from Ghana and Ireland, both women. According to the health minister, a husband and wife and a woman arrived in Thiruvananthapuram via Nigeria.

Especially The additional instances of Omicron in Kerala have brought the total number of cases of the variation of concern to 227. It trailing only Delhi and Maharashtra. Delhi has the most incidences with 57, followed by Telangana (24), Kerala (24), Rajasthan (22), Maharashtra (54), Gujarat (19), Karnataka (19). The Omicron is getting worse with time.

Moreover There are two instances each in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Although With the rise in Omicron cases, governments and UTs have begun to impose new limitations to stem the spread. The extremely contagious virus strain, which has resulted in an outbreak in South Africa and the United Kingdom. On Wednesday, Delhi issued an order prohibiting all types of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

However, under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Maharastra has imposed prohibitory orders. It has restricted fully vaccinated people’s access to stores and public transportation.

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