Wipro purchases Kerala-based food brand

Kerala State in the southern region of India is very specific with the tastes they prefer to choose in the forms of food, healthy measures, exercises, and many more. As you are all aware, the technologically famous company “Wipro” is well-known for developing innovative solutions to address clients on various streams of the digital medium, as well as providing the necessary requirements to accomplish for the company’s betterment with their progression of functions. The firm has numerous employees working across the globe on their amazing technological developments.

Wipro would be better off developing their functions in various fields for the general public. They choose accurately what suits each individual and benefit from their products accordingly. Simultaneously, they have several brands for the comfort of everyone. The recent acquisition of the food-based brand might also be like the benefits provided by the firm.

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, a division of Wipro Enterprises, made the announcement on Monday that they are going to acquire the Nirapara food product brand, which was launched in 1976 and is owned by the KKR Group of Companies. It is best known for its blended spices and ready-to-cook rice powder products. It also generates around Rs 100 crore in revenue per year.

Kerala accounts for approximately 63% of the company’s revenue; the remainder is generated by other states and countries. Nirapara is the 13th acquired asset from the Wipro Group of Companies. The final deal price of the brand will be determined after a year and would be partially based on the performances of the Nirapara’s products during that particular period. Wipro Consumer Care is the best known and has gained fame for their soap brand called Santoor and Yardley talcum powder, which recorded a revenue of Rs. 8,630 crores in the last financial year.

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