Two victim lovers in Kerala responsible for Narcotic Jihad Pala Bishop

Two victim lovers in Kerala

lovers in Kerala, A new controversy, raised by Pala Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt has once again sparked one of the most sensitive issues in India- Love-Jihad. His report represents the Narcotic Jihad who were present there in Kerala.

In July, the bishop made headlines when he announced that he would offer sops to families who have five or more children in his diocese. The controversy surrounding the bishop’s recent announcement has gotten out of control. 

In a sermon delivered at Kuravilangad church the other day, Bishop Kallarangatt stated that the state is seeing an increase in love and narcotic-jihad. Narcotic Jihad, or Drug Jihad was a term he used to describe a method that ‘Jihadis’ use to make drug addicts out of youth from other religions.”Non-Muslims should be destroyed in the eyes of Jihadi,” Bishop Kallarangatt stated in his speech. “When the intent is to spread religion and exterminate non-Muslims then the adopted methods take various methods. Love Jihad, Narcotic Jihad are two of the most widely discussed methods.

Responsible for Narcotic Jihad Pala Bishop

The Bishop said that Jihadis also ill-treated and forcefully converted non-Muslims. They also capture women of other religions by pretending love or using other means. He said that women of other religions were able to reach IS camps because of his statements. This is evident from the increasing number of drug abuse cases in the state. These people work out of hotels, ice cream parlours, and juice shops run by Jihadis.

Moreover This fact is confirmed by rave parties that are held; in the state and those who are arrested for organizing them. There are many examples of people whose lives have been destroyed; by alcohol and drug abuse.This issue has taken place of centre stage; in the ongoing current assembly elections. It is affecting different organisations, including political parties.

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