The Sabarimala temple devotees must not exceed more than 90,000 per day

The home of Lord Ayappa is Sabarimala Temple, and there has been talk for a long time that the one who visits the temple will be fulfilled with the blessings of the Lord. It is located inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Perinad village, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. The devotees will have to climb the hill in order to worship Lord Ayyappa, who is situated at the peak of the hill.

The devotees across the globe visits the temple. Around 15-16 lakh devotees come in an year. The festival Makara Sankranthi is celebrated grandly there. Every year, the light is seen from the forest at the same time in the festival happenings. While climbing the hill on bare feet, wild animals will not harm any of the devotees. There is also a saying that the wild animals in the temple premises belong to the Lord; henceforth, they will not trouble any of the devotees.

Due to the heavy crowd gathering in the temple lots of incidents happen. To avoid these circumstances, the cops will raise the issue in a meeting with the Devaswom Minister. On Monday 1.19 lakh devotees have been visited the temple. If more devotees visit, there will be a queue that extends until Marakkoottam.

If all 85,000 devotees visit the temple premises, the queue will reach the Sabari Peedam. The police department of Kerala has informed that more than 1 lakh pilgrims have booked darshan for their visit to the temple. The wait of seeing the lord will be not less than 8-10 hours in reaching the temple. An estimated 65–75 pilgrims must climb the 18 steps to reach the temple at the top of the hill. The crowd must be controlled, and the relevant departments are working on the same.

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