The Kerala government provides free treatments for cancer patients

As you all know, patients battling cancer have a hurdle to cross with great difficulty. Cancer is now present everywhere, with the highest number of patients suffering from it. Cancer treatment is expensive, but it is curable if caught early. Medicines, diagnostic tests, and consultation charges pertaining to the condition of the patient are also too costly to afford. The number of patients is rising by 35,000 every year for lung and oral cancers in men and cervical and breast cancers in women in an average.

The Kerala government has taken an excellent initiative to provide cancer patients with free treatment. Patients must be enrolled in the Sukrutham scheme, which was launched on November 1 (the state’s birthday). Life is priceless when it comes to health concerns, and apparently, the Sukrutham scheme funds the government hospitals registered under the scheme by funding them accurately. Children suffering from cancer will also benefit from indulging their presence with free education from the Sukrutham scheme.

The government would spend approximately Rs. 350 crore per year to care for the patients. The funding process is precisely handled by public taxes paid to the government. On cigarettes, 8 percent of the tax is charged simultaneously with 1 percent on liquor to benefit patients with cancer.

One small charge can save many who are suffering from these detrimental diseases, which is the motto of the government. Most people are unable to bear the burden, either mentally or financially. Several schemes, such as Sukrutham, the Cancer Pension Scheme, the Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (RAN), the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, Chis Plus, and others, will be beneficial to needy patients, and patients are successfully returning to their new lives across the state. Kindly share the information with your known ones.

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