The Inspiring Journey Of Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Nowhera Shaik

Inspiring Journey of Nowhera Shaik. She is a famous personality based in South India. Nowhera Shaik is known as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. The inspiring lady has contributed to social transformation while fighting for women empowerment, education, and facilitating poor households with Business schemes and Ideas. This iconic lady was born in 1973 and hailed from Andhra Pradesh. Nowhera Shaik did her schooling from Islamic Madrasa and doctorate from Colombo Open University. Throughout her career, she has been a bright student.

The Inspiring journey of Nowhera shaik starts  When she was only  19 at Madrasa to promote education. Nowhera Shaik started her teaching with six students that gradually expanded to 300 over a short duration. Initial success and wisdom allowed her to start her self-support group. Especially Her basic education and Business knowledge allowed her to explore and establish herself in society .Nowhera Shaik started her journey and founded the Heera group in 1988.

Inspiring Journey:

The Inspiring journey of entrepreneur and philanthropist Nowhera Shaik
Nowhera Shaik

Moreover It’s a multinational company, and its logo implies the betterment of humanity. Heera Group of Companies operate in the countries – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, UAE. It runs in other Gulf nations as well.

Although By that time, Nowhera Shaik started social work initiatives and provided medical facilities to the needy people of Kerala. She also creates job opportunities for people during the last twenty years of their journey. About 2% of the revenues earned by the Heera group goes for the upliftment of women. Nowhera provides free educational courses to below-poverty students in Andhra Pradesh. She also sanctions 200000 loans to local women to start a business of their choice.

Since 2018 Nowhera Shaik has been insulted by politicians, but we should support her Stand and rally for Nowhera.
We shall appreciate her wisdom. If there is someone who can make changes to the social tradition, it’s Nowhera Shaik. She is the one who supports conservative Islamic women to stand on their feet. this was the Inspiring journey of Nowhera shaik who does everything she can for our country.

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