Tamil Nadu makes RT-PCR reports essential for individuals arriving from Kerala.

Kerala is wrestling with a high caseload of the corona. There are more than 1 lakh corona cases in the previous few days. Tamil Nadu has prepared the RT-PCR reports obligatory for persons. Also, Karnataka told only vaccinated persons would permit to go into the state. Karnataka has blocked the entrance of community transportation from the state. Daily cases crossed more than 20500 on Sunday. It is approximately for half of the Cases 410953 in the country. People hope this condition would improve after the state is vaccinated. More so, Kerala has the most significant number of districts with a 10% positive rate.

Kerala has a higher population density.

So the state has an increased number of diseases. For example- diabetes has made its conflict with covid more challenging. There is a lower testing rate in Kerala. So it is reasonable to slow the fight against covid. Its TPR (Test positivity rate) also stays high at 13%. More so, active cases increase to 1,67380. The reproduction number is approximately 1.2% in at least four districts. R-value is a pointer of how fastly the illness is spreading. Also, professionals told for stabilization, and the Reproduction number must arrive down below 1%.

The centre would send yet other experts to Kerala. These experts help to improve the condition. A team of the centre has visited Kerala on July 1st week. The sources told that the secretary of health has written to the authority. They correspond to express issues over containment measures to be followed. The centre also released fifteen per cent under ECRP II to improve the infrastructure of health. More so, the authority of Odhisa eased Corona curbs besides a surge in pandemic cases. There will e a continuous lockdown on weekends in UP and Kerala.So for every individual who travel to tamil nadu must have RT-PCR reports.

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