Seven were held for waving black flags on CM

For the past few weeks, criticism is flaring against the Chief Minister for causing incessant public inconvenience. On February 14, a man named Sarath was threatened and forced to leave without buying medicines for his ailing 4-year-old. The police were uptight with him and the bystanders who supported the latter. It became a sensation. As a result of that, the police and the ruling government have been censured.

Leaders of the opposition party demanded an answer for the high-handedness of the police and the atrocities of the CM. Opposition party leader V D Satheesan made a statement that the CM is afraid of the people and trying to shun himself from the public. Witnessing the protests the DGP double the security. It was seven vehicles and 40 securities in the CM’s convoy now it has doubled.

On Monday (20.02.2023) three people were held by the police for waving black flags on the CM and seven were imprisoned. The accused are the district president of the Youth Congress party Sandeep James and member V Rahul. They are alleged of protesting and waving flags while the CM inaugurated the Cheemeni’s open jail, Kannur.

Similar protests are reported to be done by the same party. The police decided to fortify the convoy to stifle the mishappenings.

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