Sanju Soman, Meet The Youthful Climate Leader Creating The Model Wetland Village’ in Kerala

Sanju Soman, an environmentalist who started building the first model wetland village’ in Kerala next to the extremely vulnerable Located on the bank’s wastelands, is among the 17 young climate leaders chosen by the United Nations (UN) from India to expand its message regarding creative solutions to global climatic transition issues.

The ‘We the Change’ campaign brings united young environmental activists to discuss ideas and motivate; joint action with the administration, media, politicians, and, most crucially, millions of many other young people.

“This is a very wonderful time for me,” Sanju remarked. “It’s very important to get to know fellow young leaders and learn from their experiences. There are only a few connecting venues for young personnel employed on climate change. There will be possibilities for cooperation through this initiative.”

Sanju, a Pathanamthitta native, claimed his involvement in social engagement started in 2012; while he was studying psychology at SN University in Chempazhanthy, Thiruvananthapuram. He founded the NGO ‘Save a Rupee Spread a Smile’ (SARSAS) at the time to ensure inspiring young people to engage in charitable and social activities by pushing them to save money. “We engaged in a variety of events and initiatives, including teaching at orphanages, visiting nursing homes, supporting organic meals; and raising awareness regarding elevated foods,” he explained.

Sanju, who served as the NGO’s chairman and secretary for 4 years, said that in just two years, the organization had grown to be the biggest volunteer-led NGO in Thiruvananthapuram district, raising Rs 70 lakh for people with cancer and others from marginalized areas.

In the years since, he has worked on a variety of green projects, including harvested rainwater in a crop failure southern state of Kerala, a solar passive housing action plan in rural regions of Leh district, and a rainwater refill framework at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) college in Mumbai, in which he finished his post-graduation in Climate Change and Sustainable development Studies.

Sanju is also the founder of the SUSTERA Foundation, which strives to develop futurer; climate leaders and businesses in the state. He is presently undergoing research on climate policy in Kerala at the World Institute of Sustainable Energy.

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