Reasons for educated unemployment in Kerala

Reasons for educated unemployment in Kerala. According to the Kerala Economic Review-2021, the unemployment rate in Kerala has risen in recent years, despite a nationwide trend of decline.

Unemployment refers to the state of not having a paid job—of being jobless. Unemployment is also widely used in economics to refer to the total number of unemployed persons in a country, as in Unemployment is down this quarter, thanks to thousands of new jobs being created.

The unemployment rate is the proportion of the workforce that is unemployed. It’s a lagging indicator, which means it rises or falls in response to changes in the economy rather than forecasting them. The unemployment rate is likely to grow when the economy is in poor shape and jobs are scarce. It is predicted to fall when the economy is growing at a good pace and employment is plentiful.

While the overall unemployment rate in India has fallen from 5.8% in 2018-19 to 4.8 percent in 2019-20, the rate in Kerala has risen from 9% in 2018-19 to 10% in 2019-20.

The percentage of unemployed people in the labor force is known as the unemployment rate. According to the research, the state’s youth have a substantially greater jobless rate than those of other age categories.

Kerala’s unemployment rate among educated (secondary and higher) people aged 15 and above was 16.7%; it was 17 percent in rural areas and 16.4% in urban areas. In India, the current weekly status (CWS) rate for those aged 15 and above was 8.8 percent.

At the national level, India’s unemployment rate was 8.7% among males and 5.5 percent among females in rural areas, 10.5 percent among males, and 12.4 percent among females in urban areas. In rural areas, the unemployment rate was 14.1 percent for males and 21.2 percent for females, while in urban areas, the unemployment rate was 15.3 percent for males and 20.4 percent for females.

Kerala’s young makeup roughly 23% of the state’s total population. Because young people lack the necessary skills and work experience in new fields, unemployment is common among this group in the state. The research recommended skill development and job creation programs to meet the challenge.

According to the live registration of Kerala’s employment exchanges, the total number of job searchers stood at 34.9 lakh on December 31, 2015, and was expected to rise to 38.3 lakh by August 31, 2021. Only 6.4 percent of job seekers have qualifications below the SSLC, according to the distribution of job seekers by education level. Approximately 93.6 percent of job hopefuls have an SSLC or higher.

Reasons for educated unemployment in Kerala

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