Learn All About Nowhera Shaik – An Iconic Matron From Andhra Pradesh.

An Iconic Matron Nowhera Shaik is the founder of the Heera Group, an organization that witnessed remarkable growth overnight. The credit goes to Nowhera for her business, wisdom, and courage. Nowhera Shaik established herself as a role model and has been the inspiration of Muslim women in India and abroad. Apart from the challenges that businesswoman faces, Nowhera also faces challenges, running a business in Islam-dominated territory and operating an interest-free business.
Iconic Matron from Andhra Pradesh Nowhera Shaik started her career as an entrepreneur at a tender age, and her dedication gets reflected in the Heera group’s success. She doesn’t need a certificate.
Nowhera Shaik published a Heera group to meet the burgeoning educational cost of ladies. Under the trademark, she started exporting, importing gold and other minerals.

An Iconic Matron From Andhra Pradesh:

Learn All About Nowhera Shaik - An Iconic Matron From Andhra Pradesh
Nowhera Shaik

Especially Two percent of the revenue earned by the organization went for buying school uniforms and books for girls. As she belonged to a family of businessmen, business acumen came naturally to her.
Heera group also works for the betterment of humanity. The mobile clinic initiative of the group provides Education on parental care, vaccination, child development, and so forth. Nowhera Shaik aimed at creating a society to work for the Welfare of the citizens. Heera mobile care serves nearly 1 million people and provides them free medicine at their doorstep. Nowhera believes that the business shouldn’t only work for generating profits but also contribute towards society.
Moreover Striving for women’s empowerment, Indian iconic Matron Nowhera Shaik believes that men and women should have equal rights. Nowhera Shaik focuses on creating educational and awareness programs. It invokes the upliftment and responsibility of women in society.
Although The Islamic business initiatives under Heera group imparts Professional and vocational skill women encouraging self-dependency. Females benefited from the Business group as it provided opportunities to stand to the males in the Islamic society.


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