Mobile phones must not be carried by students in schools

The Kerala Human Rights Commission had previously ruled that the devices could be brought into educational institutions with the permission of parents. In Thiruvanthapuram, the Kerala State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights has directed the authorities of educational institutions to stop frisking students to check on their carrying mobile phones in schools, saying that it affects their self-respect and dignity.

Body-frisking the students and scanning their bags for mobile phones doesn’t sound professional, and it is against the democratic culture. According to the panel, it is a violation of dignity and must be avoided at all costs. It was also a violation of the national and international child rights laws and the fundamental rights ensured by the Constitution, as the commission said. Criticizing the blanket ban on students bringing cell phones to school, it should be noted that gadgets have become an inseparable part of modern life, and the need of the hour is a scientific and psychological approach to preventing them from becoming addicted to them. Mobile phone use is currently prohibited in public schools, and the commission believes that children should not use mobile phones in school, according to the report.

Even if the children do not have permission, if one student brings a mobile phone to school, it haunts the other students to get their phones. They may carry mobile phones for the safety of those with special needs. School authorities should make significant arrangements in order to keep the phones after switching them off until the class hours are completed.

An individual said the panel has also directed the authorities to implement a programme in schools to make the children as literate in social media usage as possible. Mobile phones are the most important technological developments in the world, but if they are controlled during school hours, they will have less of an impact on children.

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