Missing bank manager dead body found in Vamanapuram river

Missing bank manager Discovered dead Shemi (49), a manager at Canara Bank in Coimbatore’s Nachipalayam, died at Pullampara Koonanvenga Snehapuram Hillview. The body was discovered near the Wamanapuram river’s ion pit. They haven’t been seen or heard from since Tuesday morning. After that, the relatives filed a police report. While relatives and police were searching for the body, it was discovered. With the assistance of the fire department, the body was exhumed. Shemi lives in Thiruvananthapuram with her family. Last week, she had surgery. She arrived at Koonanvenga’s family home for a rest.

She had revealed to her family that she was depressed as a result of illness and work stress. Coimbatore to Thiruvananthapuram relocation attempts were also attempted. Death, in the meantime. They had forgotten to bring their cellphones with them. Salim, a Canara Bank employee, is her husband. Salim has a son named Akbar. The funeral will be held in the Masjid Kharsthan’s East Room.

Shemi happened to be a resident of Thiruvananthapuram during the time. Last week, she travelled to Koonanvenga, her ancestral home, for surgery. According to the authorities, she was experiencing tremendous stress and anxiety following the procedure. She had discussed the stress at work with her family.

Her family was attempting to arrange for her to be transferred from Tamil Nadu to Thiruvananthapuram. Her phone was kept at home with her. With the assistance of a sniffer dog, police began their investigation on Tuesday.

Jerry, a police dog, had arrived at the creek, a branch of the Vamanapuram river, half a kilometre from his home. Saleem, a Peroorkada Canara Bank employee, is her husband. Their only child happens to be Akbar Saleem. The death rites will be performed at Sneha Puram Kizhakke Kuzhi Masjid Cemetery on Thursday afternoon.

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