Man dies from injuries sustained in a suicide attempt after being humiliated for sleeping in a KSRTC bus.

Man dies from injuries,Is someone not allowed to sleep on a bus? Can the bus conductor complain to the police? Are police allowed to harass the public?  Can you imagine the amount of torture a person faces that can lead him to commit suicide?

The man who attempted suicide after being allegedly assaulted by a KSRTC conductor for sleeping inside the bus has died. Sreevilasam S Ani, a native of Kollam Bharathipuram, was deceased. Thiruvananthapuram Medical College was treating him.

Ani was returning home from Thiruvananthapuram after receiving treatment for liver disease on November 24, when the alleged incident occurred. Ani, who was tired from the long journey, fell asleep in the bus’s backseat. That’s when the conductor allegedly assaulted him with the ticket machine, believing Ani to be inebriated. Even after being told that Ani was a patient, the conductor continued to attack him.

The family claimed that the conductor tried to lift Ani from her seat by grabbing her by the collar, according to various media reports.

The bus was then taken to the Vattappara police station, where a case was filed against Ani based on the conductor’s complaint. The police initially imposed a fine on Ani, but after learning the truth, they later revoked the fine.

On Friday night, Ani attempted suicide. He died on Tuesday morning, despite being admitted to the Medical College Hospital. Ani’s death, according to the relatives, was caused by the KSRTC conductor. They also stated that they would file a grievance with the Chief Minister. Sumangala, Ani’s wife, and sons Abhijith and Abhinand survive him.

After the treatment, Ani went to his mother’s house in Eroor. Later, he was discovered dead. Relatives claimed that the police did not take appropriate action in the case.

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