Kerala floods forced people to move out of their own homes.

A flood can take over the place in a second. But the force with which the water attacks a village can be catastrophic. It will damage anything on site. Therefore the people who live in small huts will lose their homes. And also Few construction sites tend to collapse by the force of it. Cattle, animals, children, men, and women lose their lives.

Kerala is one of the flood-prone areas in India. Mainly the Kuttanad has seen floods beyond anything you can imagine. One of the most severe disasters took place in the year 2018. Consequently, it forced people to leave their houses and go hungry for days together. Finally, kids, men, and women left homeless and fighting for survival. Kuttanad is the only place where people can grow rice below sea level. Such a rare place and a house for 13 villages washed clean because of the flood. Hence people started drinking the backwater on the streets for survival. There was no clean water, food, clothes, and other necessities.

People lost their lands, their crops, and everything in the flood. They started bathing and washing clothes using the empire water and living at the banks.

The result of one flood can be deadly. Now imagine being attacked by two such major natural disasters. Horror right? That’s what happened to Kuttanad. There were two floods in 2018- one in July and the other one immediately in August. People started going to flood relief camps to service and find anything to eat. The government officials sent boasts that could transport people from the bank to these relief camps. But that’s not all, even this year, Kuttanad faced heavy rains and a chance of getting hit by floods once again.

Rain is supposed to be a life-saving natural occurrence but is now feared. People started vacating the place and selling their farms in search of better places to stay.

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