Kitex MD Sabu M Jacob claims that he will not invest a single rupee in Kerala.

Does Kerala want more employment opportunities? Is it justified to pollute the environment to get more employment? Does treatment of employees factor not to be taken into the limelight when businessmen set up industries? Do you think the Kerala government doing wrong by not looking into the depth of issues and pushing it to Kerala High Court? Setting up industries is more important than the people and environment of Kerala?
After a three-day visit to Telangana, Kitex group CMD Sabu M Jacob arrived at Cochin International Airport on Sunday and stated that he will not invest further in Kerala.
The dispute began after a series of inspections by several government departments, including labour and health, at the Kitex manufacturing unit and corporate grounds in Kizhakkambalam in Kochi’s Ernakulam district, over the course of a month. The inspections, Jacob claimed, were intended to “harass” businessmen like him and “push him into a corner.” The inspectors who came down to check the company, he claimed, seemed as if they were on the lookout for thieves and bandits.
The State’s Industry Minister P Rajeeve clarified that the industries department did not conduct any raids. He said the health and labour agencies did so in response to orders from the Kerala High Court and the National Human Rights Commission based on individual complaints. The accusations are allegedly related to the company’s treatment of employees and the polluting of a nearby river due to effluent discharge.
Without naming anyone in the state government, Sabu M Jacob claimed that the state lacked a business-friendly environment, political and bureaucratic harassment are prime reasons to not invest in Kerala anymore.
Industry Minister P Rajeeve claimed Jacob’s comments were “motivated” in order to undermine Kerala’s reputation as a business-friendly place. Rajeeve, for one, has frequently stated that the company’s management should not have made disrespectful remarks about the state. He also stated that the government was prepared to begin discussions with Kitex and settle any difficulties.

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