Kerala’s tribals will be able to use electricity starting March 30th, 2023

According to a decision reached at a conference between the Minister of SC/ST Communities, K. Radhakrishnan, and the Minister of Electricity, K. Krishnankutty, 97 tribal colonies in Kerala will receive electricity by laying underground cables that generate power for use, and solar and mini-hydel projects will be implemented in inaccessible locations across the state. Solar and mini-hydel projects will be completed in a year and a half for the use of electricity by tribals.

The meeting has decided to set up televisions in the common areas of tribal colonies. Many people have felt at ease staying inside forests in God’s own country of India (Kerala) for the past 75 years, even after India’s independence. Youths who are given a clear path to follow in life will benefit both their careers and the country. Henceforth, to comfort the people of Kerala living in the forests, the government has taken the initiative to provide the above-mentioned benefits and also to offer permanent jobs to tribal youths in the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEB) by providing training to them.

The funds for the upcoming developments in the state will be jointly allocated by the Scheduled Tribe Development, local bodies, corporate social responsibility projects like reducing carbon footprints, labouring principles, participating in fair trade, etc., and the Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology (ANERT).

To gain extra income from the new-age farming methods, training on micro-irrigation methods (for instance, sprinklers, drip irrigations, etc.) for providing sufficient water consumption to the farmland will also be provided to the tribals. This rejuvenates the system and is also good for the development of the country for the tribals.

The government is eager to facilitate the recognition of the tribals’ identity and enhance their skills, which will benefit the state of Kerala.

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